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WEC (Windows Event Collector)

What is a Windows Event Collector?


Windows Event Collector is a server configured to collect Windows events from remote computers. It receives events via WEF (Windows Event Forwarding) and does not require an agent to be installed on the clients. A WEC is often a Windows server but can also be a Linux server with the NXLog Windows Event Collector Windows Event Collector (im_wseventing) module.

In the world of NXLog

WEC is an important technology, and NXLog is fully compatible with communicating with WEC. NXLog can be configured as a WEC collector, extending the capabilities of WEC with NXLog’s' trimming, filtering, and parsing capabilities.

Known as

WEC, Windows Event Collector,windows event log collector, windows log collector


Configuring NXLog as a WEC
Windows Event Collector (im_wseventing)
Centralized Windows log collection - NXLog Enterprise Edition vs. WEF
Setting up a Windows Event Collector (WEC) on Linux

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