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What vendor-agnostic means?


Vendor-agnostic means that software is not tied to a specific vendor’s product. In software, a vendor-agnostic program supports and can operate with third-party systems provided by different vendors. Simply put, "vendor agnostic" is a phrase used to define software that is not tied or contractually bound to a specific software vendor.

In the world of NXLog

In most cases, if you sign up for a specific SIEM solution, that SIEM vendor also likely sells you their log collection agent. For example, when you buy IBM Qradar, you will get (buy) their WinCollect agent too. Then when the entire system is set up and configured, it becomes difficult to change any part of this setup. So at some point down the line, when you realize that you bought a car with three wheels (as WinCollect cannot collect logs from ETW providers), you can only live with it or change it. You will have to potentially change your entire log collection setup—expanding your cost beyond what you planned. Let alone if your SIEM solution raises its prices (partly because you are already vendor-locked with them).

Picking a SIEM solution is just part of the business. Choosing the right log collection solution is just as important. NXLog makes this very simple. If you follow the thoughts of the above example, and have picked NXLog instead of the WinCollect agent, then you would be in a straightforward situation. This is because the only thing you need to change is the output configuration of your agents if you wanted to change for a different SIEM solution. Being vendor-independent is one of the greatest strengths of NXLog, as it enables you to change your SIEM at any time with minimal hassle. Something worth keeping in mind.

Known as

vendor-agnostic, vendor-neutral, vendor-independent


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