NXLog Docs

Database Initialization

The NXLog Manager needs its initial configuration data to be loaded into the configuration database.

If you are installing NXLog Manager in clustered mode, this only needs to be executed once for the DB cluster - i.e. only on the first node.

If a root password is set for the MySQL/MariaDB database, edit /opt/nxlog-manager/db_init/my.cnf and provide the password:


Execute the database initialization script (only once for the Galera cluster):

$ cd /opt/nxlog-manager/db_init
# ./dbinit.sh

To ensure that the MySQL/MariaDB database is started on boot on CentOS/RHEL distributions, execute the following command:

# chkconfig mysqld on


# chkconfig mariadb on

The size of the maximum packet allowed by MySQL/MariaDB can be raised by adding the following to the global configuration options, typically /etc/my.cnf or /etc/mysql/my.cnf. Raising the size of the maximum allowed packet will eliminate any max_allowed_packet exceeded error messages from the log files.

max_allowed_packet = 256M