NXLog Docs

Format conversion

The requirements and possibilities for log format conversion are endless. NXLog provides a broad range of functionality for conversion, including the NXLog language and dedicated modules. For special cases, a processor or extension module can be crafted.

For converting logs between CSV formats, see Complex CSV format conversion.

Example 1. Converting from BSD to IETF Syslog

This configuration receives log messages in the BSD Syslog format over UDP and forwards the logs in the IETF Syslog format over TCP.

<Extension _syslog>
    Module  xm_syslog

<Input bsd>
    Module  im_udp
    Port    514
    Exec    parse_syslog_bsd(); to_syslog_ietf();

<Output ietf>
    Module  om_tcp
    Port    1514

<Route bsd_to_ietf>
    Path    bsd => ietf