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Raijin database

What is Raijin database?


Raijin Database Engine is an advanced SQL-like database designed to fill the gap between SQL and document databases. It can ingest data in high volumes, supports semi-structured data, and is optimized for aggregation queries.

Raijin is a robust backend for a centralized logging environment as it was designed specifically around the needs of high volume, event-based logging. It integrates well with visualization solutions, such as Grafana and Apache Superset, which makes it a good candidate for a backend of a low-cost data discovery solution.

In the world of NXLog

Realizing the Raijin database engine’s advanced capabilities, NXLog provides native support to Raijin via the om_raijin module. This module enables NXLog to forward logs to the Raijin database server for ingestion.

Known as

Raijin, Raijin database, Raijin database engine


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