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agent-based log collection

What is agent-based log collection?


Agent-based log collection is a log collection mode where an agent is installed on each device to collect, parse, and forward logs to a central log collector. The agent can also convert log records into a different format before forwarding them.

In the world of NXLog

With agent-based log collection, NXLog runs as an agent on the system that generates the logs. It collects the log data and sends it to another NXLog instance over the network, or any other destination accepting the data. It supports platform-specific sources such as the Windows Event Log, Linux system logs, Apple macOS logs, and syslog, to name a few.

Although agent-based log collection has many advantages, there are use cases where using agents is not feasible. In such scenarios, you need to look at agentless log collection.

Known as

agent-based log monitoring, agent-based log reporting, agent-based log collection solution, agent-based log management, local log collection


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