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SOC (Security Operations Center)

What is a Security Operations Center?


A SOC is a team of IT security personnel responsible for maintaining an enterprise’s security 24/7. Their job is to proactively monitor and analyze their IT infrastructure to address potential threats and security incidents. A SOC acts like the hub or main control post, taking in telemetry across the organization’s IT infrastructure, including its networks, nodes, appliances, and other devices.

As the expansion of advanced threats burdens intelligence collection from all sources, SOC teams are needed as the interaction point for every event logged within the corporate environment. For each event logged, the SOC must choose how they will be managed and acted on.

In the world of NXLog

As pointed out above, one of the primary sources of information for SOCs is log data. In fact, a large proportion of the data and information gathered by SOC teams originate from logs, and log data collection is done by log collection solutions, such as the NXLog agent. However, there is more to it than simply collecting log records. The importance of NXLog lies in its capabilities of filtering, trimming, and parsing log data at the source, so SOC teams only receive logs that are of real value to them.

The advanced features of NXLog can help SOC teams to be more efficient in recognizing and acting on potential threats; NXLog not only serves but aids the operation of SOC teams.

Known as

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