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What is a protocol or network protocol?


A network protocol is a set of rules defining how to format and exchange data over a computer network. It allows different devices to communicate with each other regardless of their underlying software and hardware differences. For example, some of the most used network protocols are TCP/IP, HTTPS, and SMTP.

In the world of NXLog

As NXLog is a network-based tool, network protocols play a crucial role in its operation. NXLog supports all the necessary network protocols for collecting and forwarding logs. Furthermore, NXLog endorses a set of Industrial network protocols too. Besides its many protocol-specific modules that NXLog uses for transferring log data, NXLog’s specialized im_pcap module enables the collection of network traffic information based on protocols.

Known as

network protocol, protocol, internet protocol


Industrial Control System protocols
Receiving logs over the network
Packet capture (im_pcap)

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