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Raise the Open File Limit for NXLog Manager Using systemd

This section explains how to adjust the limit for the number of files that the nxlog-manager service can open in Linux. To achieve this, a configuration file needs to be created under the systemd directory, which will permanently hold the required open file limit setting. This way, package upgrades in the Linux system will never overwrite this configuration.


  1. Create the directory that will hold the changes for the nxlog-manager service.

    # sudo mkdir -p /etc/systemd/system/nxlog-manager.service.d/
  2. Create the /etc/systemd/system/nxlog-manager.service.d/limits.conf file with the following content:


    In this configuration, 10000 represents to the number of files that NXLog Manager is allowed to open. Change this number to suit the requirements of your environment.

  3. For the configuration to take effect, reload the systemd deamon.

    # sudo systemctl daemon-reload
  4. To tell NXLog Manager about the changes, the nxlog-manager service needs to be restarted.

    1. On Debian Wheezy or RHEL6/CentOS6

      # service nxlog-manager restart
    2. On Debian Stretch or RHEL7/CentOS7

      # systemctl restart nxlog-manager