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MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider)

What is an MSSP?


An MSSP is a third-party vendor that provides security monitoring and management solutions for organizations, such as managed firewalls, intrusion detection, vulnerability and virus scanning, and many more. Their direct focus is cybersecurity, and their main goal is to deliver an increased level of security by detecting and responding to security threats before they affect the organization.

In the world of NXLog

Managing log data can be a very challenging task. Collecting, storing, analyzing, deriving security insights, and handling compliance using the logs from multiple clients isn’t for the faint-hearted. To load off the burden, some companies send their logs to MSSPs. Like SIEM solutions or other analytics software, MSSPs get a large proportion of their security intelligence from logs. NXLog can help in processing and forwarding logs to an MSSP. Sanitizing logs at the forwarding stage ensures the MSSP receives high-quality log records with the correct timestamp, enabling it to process them more efficiently and provide more accurate security insights with fewer false positives.

Known as

MSSP, Managed Security Service Provider, managed security services, MSSP security, MSSP providers, managed it security services, managed security provider


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