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What is syslog?


Syslog is an IT standard for message logging widely used by Linux/Unix operating systems and network devices such as routers and switches. Syslog messages are used for logging status events and reporting incidents to aid in system monitoring and troubleshooting. Syslog roots back to the 1980s, and it went through several iterations, such as BSD syslog, defined in RFC 3164, and IETF syslog, defined in RFC 3164.

In the world of NXLog

Syslog is still one of the most common log formats, and NXLog can be configured to collect or generate log entries written in the various syslog formats. To read, process, and output syslog formatted log messages, NXLog uses the xm_syslog module, specifically designed for this purposes.

Known as

syslog, syslog log, syslog format, syslog log format, syslog standard


Syslog (xm_syslog)

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