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CSV (Comma-separated Values)

What is CSV?


CSV is a data structuring format that uses commas as a delimiter to separate data values. It is most suitable for storing tabular data in plain text. CSV files are often used when data needs to be compatible with many different programs. You can open a CSV file in any text editor or a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel. CSV files are designed to simplify data exchange between different applications. For example, exchanging log data between NXLog and a SIEM solution.

In the world of NXLog

CSV is one of the many formats NXLog supports. Log files containing records comprising values delimited by commas, spaces, or semicolons are very common. The xm_csv module can both generate and parse CSV. Multiple xm_csv instances can reorder, enrich, and sanitize CSV log records.

Known as

comma delimited values, comma delimited text


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