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Blocker (om_blocker)

This module is mostly for testing purposes. It will block log messages in order to simulate a blocked route, like when a network transport output module such as om_tcp blocks because of a network problem.

The sleep() procedure can also be used for testing by simulating log message delays.


The om_blocker module accepts only the common module directives.


Example 1. Testing Buffering With the om_blocker Module

Because the route in this configuration is blocked, this will test the behavior of the configured memory-based buffer.

<Input uds>
    Module      im_uds
    UDS         /dev/log

<Processor buffer>
    Module      pm_buffer
    WarnLimit   512
    MaxSize     1024
    Type        Mem

<Output blocker>
    Module      om_blocker

<Route uds_to_blocker>
    Path        uds => buffer => blocker