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JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)

What is JSON?


JSON is a standard data-interchange text format consisting of key-value pairs and arrays. JSON is straightforward to read and write and easy for software solutions to parse and generate. As a result, it is frequently used for serializing structured data when exchanging it over a network, such as between servers and web applications. In addition, Unicode encoding makes this messaging format universally accessible.

JSON is less verbose than, for example, XML, and thanks to its mapped structure, its parsing is fast. It is machine-readable as well as human-readable when pretty printed. JSON can be used with any programming language, as mapping domain objects is very straightforward. Because JSON is platform-independent, it is a common log format.

In the world of NXLog

JSON is one of the many log formats NXLog supports. The xm_json module can both parse and generate JSON-formatted log records.

Known as

JSON, JSON format, JSON log format, JavaScript Object Notation, JSON message format, JSON data format


JSON (xm_json)

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