NXLog Docs

NXLog EE Reference Manual

  • Man Pages — System manual pages for NXLog and related utilities

  • Configuration — Directives and blocks available for configuring NXLog

  • Language — The features of the NXLog language provided by the NXLog core

  • Extension Modules — Modules that add extra capabilities to the NXLog language and cannot be used in a route

  • Input Modules — Modules that implement log sources or inputs and are used at the beginning of a route

  • Processor Modules — Modules that can provide additional processing and are used in the middle of a route

  • Output Modules — Modules that implement outputs or destinations for log data and are used last in a route

  • Release notes — List of new features, noteworthy improvements, and known issues

  • Changelog — Full list of changes in NXLog Enterprise Edition releases