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W3C Extended Log File Format

What is the W3C log file format?


The W3C text-based log format is similar to CEF but provides a more extensive list of fields. It can be customized to log only relevant data and omit unwanted fields. Since it is a standard format, most log analysis tools can parse it out of the box.

In the world of NXLog

The W3C format is one of the many log formats NXLog supports, and within NXLog, the xm_w3c module provides this support. This module provides support for logs formatted in the w3c log format and understands the Zeek log format too. Some valuable log records use the w3c format, such as Microsoft Exchange Message Tracking logs and Microsoft IIS logs.

Known as

W3C, w3c log, w3c log format, w3c form, w3c log file format


W3C (xm_w3c)
W3C extended log file format
W3C Extended Log File Format

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