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Increasing the Heap Size for NXLog Manager

The default JVM heap size setting for NXLog Manager in nxlog-manager.conf is sufficient only for minimum requirements with a small agent load. Production environments require more allocated memory, the JVM heap size needs to be increased.

Initial settings that NXLog Manager ships with:

JVM_OPTS="-Xms1g -Xmx2g

Only the initial part of the line is relevant for setting the heap size.


initial Java heap size


maximum Java heap size

For a well-loaded manager instance with 1800 agents (around 90% load), use the following settings:

JVM_OPTS="-Xms5648m -Xmx7696m

The above is for a machine running NXLog Manager only, no NXLog instance is included. Calculate the recommended and minimum settings using the Hardware Requirements for NXLog Manager table.

Use whole numbers to allocate memory: Xmx1.5G results in an error, 1536M is the valid syntax in this case.