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What is a pattern?


Patterns can extract meaningful information from free-form log messages, such as usernames, IP addresses, and URLs. A pattern can be a simple string or a more complex regular expression. Using patterns is one of the quickest ways to extract values from log records automatically.

Log data is high-volume telemetry with a low weight per individual record. Searching can quickly lead to logs that provide a root cause explanation, but most data is repetitive and challenging to contextualize when browsing. Patterns can make important log data easily discoverable by eliminating low-value data.

In the world of NXLog

NXLog provides several pattern-matching options. The most efficient is through the dedicated xm_pattern extension module, which supports on-the-fly pattern reordering to optimize pattern matching based on the data. NXLog also supports pattern matching with regular expressions and Grok patterns with the xm_grok module.

Known as

pattern, log pattern, logging pattern, log filter pattern, grok patterns


Extracting data
Pattern Matcher (xm_pattern)
Pattern matching with Grok

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