NXLog Docs

Release notes

NXLog Community Edition 3.1

Release date

12 October 2022

  • Added support for Ubuntu 22.04 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9

  • Updated the default configuration file shipped with Windows packages to include the contents of nxlog.d. The change is not automatically applied on upgrade if the configuration file has been modified. To apply the change manually, add the following line to your configuration file:

    include %CONFDIR%\\*.conf

Known issues
  • The Python modules on Windows require manual configuration:

    1. Download and install Python 3.10.

    2. Copy python310.dll from the Python installation directory to the NXLog installation directory and rename it to libpython3.10.dll.

NXLog Community Edition 3.0

Release date

2 February 2022

  • im_systemd module to read the Linux systemd journal

  • im_pipe module to collect logs from named pipes on UNIX-like operating systems

  • om_raijin module to ship logs to Raijin Database.

  • Perl modules for extending NXLog functionality with custom Perl scripts

  • Python modules for extending NXLog functionality with custom Python scripts on Linux. Support for Windows will be available in the next release.

  • Lifted the 256 source limitation in im_msvistalog

  • Fixed a security issue in file output modules

Discontinued modules
  • The pm_filter module is no longer supported. Its functionality is available in the NXLog language with the drop() procedure. See Filtering logs in the NXLog User Guide.

We advise to back up and test your configuration when updating to NXLog Community Edition 3.0.