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nxlog-processor - performs batch log processing


nxlog-processor [-c conffile] [-v]


The nxlog-processor tool is similar to the NXLog daemon and uses the same configuration file. However, it runs in the foreground and exits after all input log data has been processed. Common input sources are files and databases. This tool is useful for log processing tasks such as:

  • loading a group of files into a database,

  • converting between different formats,

  • testing configuration, or

  • doing offline event correlation.

While the details provided here apply to NXLog installations on Linux and other UNIX-style operating systems in particular, a few Windows-specific notes are included.


-c conffile, --conf conffile

Specify an alternate configuration file conffile.

-h, --help

Print help.

-v, --verify

Verify configuration file syntax.



The main NXLog-processor executable


This tool can be used to check NXLog Language statements. All statements are read from standard input and then validated. If a statement is invalid, the tool prints an error to standard error and exits non-zero.


The default configuration file


This is the position cache file where positions are saved. To disable position caching, as may be desirable when using nxlog-processor, set the NoCache directive to TRUE.


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