NXLog Docs

Android (im_android)

This is a special module which can pull events from the Android logging system. Unlike other log forwarder tools, this module reads the log device files directly instead of parsing the output of the logcat binary. The module reads all log devices: main, events, radio, and system.


The im_android module accepts only the common module directives.


The following fields are used by im_android.

$raw_event (type: string)

A string containing the timestamp, log level, hostname, tag, PID, and message.

$AndroidSeverity (type: string)

The severity (called "priority" in Android) name, which is one of the following: DEFAULT, VERBOSE, DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, FATAL, SILENT, or UNKNOWN.

$AndroidSeverityValue (type: integer)

The severity (called "priority" in Android) number in a range of 1-8.

$EventTime (type: datetime)

The timestamp found in the event.

$Hostname (type: string)

The hostname from /proc/sys/kernel/hostname.

$Message (type: string)

The message part of the event.

$ProcessID (type: string)

The process ID.

$Severity (type: string)

The normalized severity name of the event.

$SeverityValue (type: integer)

The normalized severity number of the event.

$SourceName (type: string)

The TAG name.